• Colombo Chiusini S.n.c. is a specialist in producing and selling materials for public works for fifty years: it always applies itself to offer top quality and highly innovative products.
    Its customers are public administrations, designers, concerns, but also private people and companies, that choose Colombo Chiusini because of its professionalism and its very wide range of products dealt with.

    Always paying attention to changes and innovations, since the 80s Colombo Chiusini distinguished itself through an innovation based strategy: i.e. it had a key role as pioneer of knowledge spreading about the EN 124 norm among public administrations and designers, contributing as main player to the introduction on the market of spheroidal cast iron manhole covers, which are nowadays of common use.
    Thinking of the safety of roads, motorways, and pavements, Colombo Chiusini promotes the revolutionary anti-snow treatment for asphalt (mix) produced by Dell'Alpino programmes for the matter.

    The Colombo Chiusini catalogue, available on Colombo Chiusini contains an extract of this site contents, as well as laboratory anlisys which show the programme ecologic effects and descriptive specifications and moreover price specifications which could be of help to every road designer.

    For any technical or commercial information regarding the anti-snow asphalt (mix), please contact us directly.
    If you are interested in the range of products of Colombo Chiusini you can ask us for a catalogue or consult it directly on www.colombochiusini.com.