Our Mission


    Dell'Alpino is a company that makes programmes for the matter: it gives the matter features that are different and better than its usual ones.
    We make programmes that can be used in several fields, such as building, oil drilling, and many more.

    The making of a programme involves and has always involved a job, directed by highly qualified people, which may last from fifteen to twenty years, and even longer. It ensues that the definition of mission, from those people and the Dell'Alpino company, is more than adequate.
    What we propose is the consequence of more missionary than entrepreneurial work.
    You only have to think that, before beginning to obtain some economical result, we have worked for quite a lot of years without remuneration and with no certainty to obtain money benefits.


    In light of what pointed out in the introduction, the making and the proposal of our programmes for the matter, are the consequence of actions promoted by a human will to put actual global benefits into the social fabric, and such benefits must be enjoyable by the whole community.

    Such a will coincides with a mainly ETHICAL principle.

    We do not intend to dwell on our will any further. We prefer to see the others evaluate the truthfulness of what we say.

    Now, we only want to stress that, in light of what we pointed out, we are not available, neither now nor in the future, to allow business relations based on the common habit of any kind of corruption.

    We cannot permit that our collaborators, after devoting a lifetime of sacrifices with hard and economically uncertain jobs, according to any power they may hold, benefit directly or indirectly from something made thanks to other people's skills.

    Any kind of corruption make few individuals earn money to the detriment of the population, which is exactly the opposite of what we want to happen.

    The benefits of our programmes for the matter must reach the highest possible number of people, both through a direct advantage realized by the individual, and through an improvement of the public accounts, which, therefore, would indirectly advantage all citizens.

    For these reasons,

    All those who do not share these ETHICAL principles of ours not to contact us, regardless of the fact whether such subjects who do not share our principles belong to the public or the private field.
    At the same time, in case our marketing or business collaborators are those who promote a contract, aware of what we stated above, we suggest you declaring clearly that you are not interested in our proposals.

    Likewise, we invite all responsible operators who share our goals to collaborate actively.

    Our goal, or MISSION, is to promote some programmes that allow to produce ethical and social benefits for the community, in addition to spreading advantages regarding ecology, safety, energy conservation and economic savings.

    Consider the saving obtained by fewer interventions of snowploughs and salt spreaders, fewer repairs of potholes, as well as reduction of reasphalting, traffic stoppages and production losses.
    A week of stoppage because of ice and snow involves a loss in Gross Internal Product of about 2%.

    The programme for anti-snow asphalt (mix) can release enormous money resources, which could be used in order to create new jobs, through further productive investments or in order to support needy subjects; anyway, always for a higher common benefit.

    The above represents our WILL, our intentions.
    We are fully aware that the quality and the quantity of the benefits that can be obtained though our programmes for the matter, are unique in the world.
    Therefore, you should not be surprised that our consequent will is not only usual, but also unique.

    We are available to give all our collaboration in order to allow our interlocutors to check the truthfulness of what stated, not only in this page, but on the whole site: the anti-snow, anti-ice and anti-pothole features, as well as those concerning pollution of air and water-bearing strata caused by sodium chlorine.

    This availability of ours is addressed to all subjects, both public and private, who only have goodwill principles and no ulterior motives.

    We have been working for years with the goal of building something useful for the whole community and we address ourselves to every citizen, because we believe that we can make really important things together.

We dispose of different programmes for many different markets, inside construction and combustibles market we have other revolutionary programmes regarding:

1) Programmes regarding petroleum industry for::
  • Reclaiming sea from petroleum and derived products accidental spilling.
  • Petroleum stocked before refining, in order to improve all refined products.
  • Improving fuels, combustibles, lubrificants and solvents performances.
2) Programmes regarding industrial constructions industry for:
  • Milled asphalt mix aiming at recylce till 100% of milled.
  • Road embankments.
  • Concrete.
  • Scaffolding tools (reinforcing rod).
3) Programmes regarding civil constructions industry for::
  • Bricks in baked clay with heat treatment.
  • Perforated bricks.
  • Shingles.
  • Marble and granite.
  • Gravel (for foundations and sand).
  • Dye plaster and wood (fire-resistant).
  • Glues.