WHAT IS THE Programme

  • The name "programme for anti-snow and anti-ice asphalt (mix)" is given by Messrs. Dell’Alpino, that carried out this work, whose social object is the making of programmes for the matter.

    More precisely, such programmes are intended to change the behaviour of the matter in a physical manner, by molecular action.

    The matter treated with such specific programmes considerably changes its initial features, so as to become a completely different matter, with different performance, that is, of course, better.

    Specifically, the programme for the anti-snow / anti-ice asphalt (mix) is conveyed to the bitumen (asphalt) tanks by means of an adequate part of matter that acts as a physical support of the preparation called programme.

    The same programme applies to all types of bitumen (asphalt) currently on the market, whether they are coloured, or modified, with polymers or anything else.

    For obvious reasons, this programme, as well as all programmes produced by Messrs. Dell’Alpino, is not delivered to the customers (in this case, the installation operators producing asphalt (mix)), but it is directly introduced into the tanks by one of our operators who will go and visit the installations each time.

    It will always be up to Messrs. Dell’Alpino o set the correct quantity of programme to be introduced into the tanks, according to the quantity of bitumen (asphalt) contained.

We dispose of different programmes for many different markets, inside construction and combustibles market we have other revolutionary programmes regarding:

1) Programmes regarding petroleum industry for:
  • Reclaiming sea from petroleum and derived products accidental spilling.
  • Petroleum stocked before refining, in order to improve all refined products.
  • Improving fuels, combustibles, lubrificants and solvents performances.
2) Programmes regarding industrial constructions industry for:
  • Milled asphalt mix aiming at recylce till 100% of milled.
  • Road embankments.
  • Concrete.
  • Scaffolding tools (reinforcing rod).
3) Programmes regarding civil constructions industry for:
  • Bricks in baked clay with heat treatment.
  • Perforated bricks.
  • Shingles.
  • Marble and granite.
  • Gravel (for foundations and sand).
  • Dye plaster and wood (fire-resistant).
  • Glues.