• Pavings made with the asphalt (mix) treated with the anti-snow and anti-ice programme allow to reach a degree of safety for road users that was unthinkable before.

    With the pavings in anti-ice / anti-snow asphalt (mix), roads and motorways will be safer, because there will be a lower risk of roadblocks, hence a higher safety for citizens due to the reduction of accidents caused by snow and ice.

    There will be less danger for the road system thanks to a lower crumbling of asphalt (mix), for example a lower risk of pebbles lifted by the tyres and projected on to the windscreens of the vehicles following, if you use in pavings the programme put into the bitumen (asphalt) for the anti-ice and anti-snow asphalt (mix).

    You will eliminate or reduce the formation of dangerous potholes in the paving, therefore less damage to motor vehicles: it ensues a lower deterioration of the circulating vehicles, that is higher safety, thanks to the removal of the causes of risk, if you use asphalt (mix) with the anti-ice and anti-snow programme.